Iftar with 11 Street Ramadhan Beli-Belah Jom Buka Puasa Promo

Friday, June 09, 2017

It's Friday and we are now on the 13th day of Ramadhan. Almost halfway through now, and I wish all my Muslim readers a wonderful and blessed Ramadhan nonetheless.

Ever since we had the kids, we do not fancy having iftar in restaurants anymore.

Simply because we find it a little inconvenient to rush for Maghrib prayers while having to handle the kids, and also some places could get too crowded with people rushing to the same thing.

Most of the time we do iftar at the comfort of our home - I will do simple cooking with rice and occasionally some desserts from the local Ramadhan bazaar.

However, we do once in a while enjoy a decent Ramadhan buffet or buka-puasa meals outside, sometimes during the weekend or when I feel like taking a break. Usually we will choose a comfortable place with ample space for families and a decent surau for us to do our prayers (a hotel is great choice for us).

Every Ramadhan, there is a lot of buffet promotion going on. Of course, with all those abundant choices it may be a bit hard to choose (especially when you tummy is empty) but I think the ones at www.11street.my are quite nice too.

One thing is that you can purchase it online and pay conveniently, and best of all you get to enjoy exclusive discounts as well.

Check this out:

11Street Ramadhan Beli-Belah Jom Buka Puasa Promo

They have a big lineup of venues for Ramadhan buffets such as De Palma Hotel, Dewan Perdana Felda and Pearl International Hotel. They also have cash vouchers and set meals vouchers for participating restaurants such as Nando's, Secret Recipe, O'Briens and more.

As for us, last Sunday, we had the chance to enjoy a sumptuous feast in comfort at Pullman Hotel Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.

The spread was great - from fresh fruit platters to lamb grill, to fresh durian! My favourite would be their Rojak Buah, Sup Gearbox and local dishes served in huge woks (kawah)!

So if you feel like spending an iftar outside with your family and friends, check out 11 Street for amazing discounts and interesting makan places to visit:

Click here to purchase your meals at 11 Street Ramadhan Beli-Belah Jom Buka Puasa promo!

Thank you 11Street Malaysia for this wonderful treat. Even the kids had a few rounds of food and we all really enjoyed it :)

Last but not least, remember that even the foods are abundant and you are spoilt for choice, eat only what you can and don't waste precious food :)

Ramadhan Mubarak everyone!

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