Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Khaleeli's 1st birthday smash cake DIY photoshoot

So Khaleeli actually turned a year old last Friday, 21st August 2015.

I just could not find any other non-cliched phrase, so yeah, time.really.flies.darn.fast!

When I was giving birth to him I swear that it would be my last,  I even made it very clear to my husband. Hahah. Now I find myself missing his baby days (except the confinement and helplessness part. How I wish that babies are really sent by storks. Lol).

Anyway, when Bella turned 1, I actually threw her a big party. It was all balloons and colours, and I really enjoyed every part of it.

For Khaleeli, I did not threw a party of the same scale, but we still had something planned especially for him....

A DIY smash cake photoshoot, at the comfort of our very own cosy home! Yeay!

It was quite a last minute idea actually, but I am very happy that his abah is awesome enough to help me prepare and take photos of him. Thanks bubu :*

I made a sloppy chocolate cake, frosted with some whipped cream frosting and it was smash-able and tasty enough for him. Not bad for a beginner baker like me haha. Seriously proud of myself. LOL.

We used whatever we have for the props and background, I was glad that we actually had many things to make use of (obviously I hoard many cute stuff meheheh).

I made those little flag banners on the cake out of my washi tape collection too.

So all in all I would say the only money I had to use was for the cake ingredients.

I shall be writing again with some tips on how to make your own DIY smash cake session. I hope that it could help you get started if you are planning one for your bub soon.

Meanwhile, enjoy the photos! :)

P/S : Thank you very much for all the warm birthday wishes via FB and Instagram. Really really appreciate it. Hugs!


Ribbon Circus said...

Happy Birthday, K!🎈

Adil said...

Happy birthday Khaleeli!


Happy birthday dear

Puan Hazel said...

Happy birthday khaleeli! Mommy share the tips please.. My princess will turn 2 next month and I'm considering this theme as well. Looks cute & enjoyable

Ayuni Ayatillah said...

Tq everyone :) Hazel, Insya Allah nanti I post some tips ye! :)

Serenely said...

Happy birthday Mister Khaleeli! That cake looks fantastic. Look forward to getting the recipe and tips from you. Might make a potentially fun sensory activity for my kids to get messy with their food. Though I might let them do it outside.



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