Balancing homework and playtime

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

I always believe that children are literally born to play.

In fact, a lot of learning occurs when they get busy with playtime. Sometimes it looks so trivial but they are actually discovering a lot of new things as they play along.

Bella has been in her school since she was 2 year old. She started off with playschool and now she is officially on a more formal education in the big kid’s class.

Although I am happy with her progress at school (she is really good at Maths and Reading), sometimes I worry that she is getting too much of it.

I usually just let her play once she comes home from school every day. Apart from some light reading, all she does is play and make a mess. I don’t mind her doing it because I know that she deserves a break from a long day at school (she also goes to daycare at the same kindy).

At least when at home, she has the permission to let loose and just be her, instead of being bounded by rules and routines of school.

She has also started to bring home more homeworks. Most of the time it is Mandarin, and that means a lot of writing exercises. That translates into a very tough time for me – it is sooo hard to get her to sit down quietly and finish it.

Mandarin homework. Look at those strokes. Huhuh.

I came to know from her teacher that she is not very into writing, so maybe that could be why. Plus, there are a lot more distractions at home, you know – the toys, wanting to play with little brother, wanting to tell mommy and abah this and that, her imaginary play scenes and all.

Well, I don’t really blame her.

I mean, isn’t that what 4 years olds are supposed to do? Play and let loose?

I am torn.

In one hand, I do want her to learn from her formal education (that means completing her homework and all). But, in the other hand, I still want to support her natural learning through play.

How lah like this?

Perhaps I should have a timetable at home too right? Maybe that could work.

I thought of doing it that later when she is in primary school at least, but it seems like I have to start doing it now already.

So how do you manage your children and their homework? Any tips that you want to share?

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