Free Printable : Iqra' Wall Art

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I think I probably have a mental block that everything that goes on to a wall has to be in a frame.

Hence, we have loads of frames at home.

It gets boring when the only thing being framed are family photos (we already have enough of them).

So one day, I thought that I should design some words or sayings worthy of remembrance. It struck me that we actually have a lot of inspiring quotes from the holy Quran.

We love reading and always believed in the power of knowledge, so here is a line from the first revelation - surah Al-'Alaq.

We have put it up on our bookcase in the living room for a reminder.


I have decided to share this wall art with you, so feel free to click on the link below to download and print it for yourself :)

FYI, I have designed it to fit in a 29 cmx 29 cm frame, so it is quite big.

Let me know if you like it, maybe I can design more in the future, insya Allah.

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