Here comes the loud mom.

Monday, December 08, 2014

I have to admit, I am loud mom.

The kind that shouts for her offspring, especially in public places. Maybe you have come across my species (is there many out there by the way?) - we call for our children all the time, because it happens that they are the kind that wants to explore the world at their own pace, and could not care less about their surroundings.

"Bella! Jommm!"

"Bella, come back here!!"

"OK Bella we're done, come on now!"

"Nooooo! Don't pull the cat's tail!"

"This way Bella, left turn, left turn!"


I have found out that calling out loud works. It helps me stay in control of my child too, God knows how awful it feels to lose sight of your child.

I may be annoying, but hey I am just a mom doing my job. I do feel people judging me sometime, but whatever lah.

So what works for you when you are out and about? How do you keep your children at bay? Are you a loud mom like me too?

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