Thursday, February 13, 2014

11 weeks.

Finally, we visited the OB for my first prenatal checkup. To be honest I have been counting days to this visit, I just could not wait to take a look at the little baby growing inside my womb. Sometimes I question myself whether I am sure that I am pregnant or not – it seems so surreal that I am pregnant again. Haha.

I decided to meet Dr Idora of Pantai Kuala Lumpur Hospital. She is one of the doctors who are supportive of natural and gentle birthing. Turned out she was a sweet lady with a soft voice; she almost made me speak in whispers (so not me!). She was very informative too, explained things in detail and gave me reasons why she does this and that.

I asked her whether I am eligible for waterbirth. She was more on the no side, since I am a VBAC mom and it’s crucial for her to have easy access to monitor the baby and I. I was expecting a similar answer too, so yeah, I guess I can live with that. She said natural birth is totally OK, so that will do. She is even OK with birth plans too.

So this confirmed everything:

Aww..there you are! This little beanie has a nice heartbeat and everything else seems to be just right. Alhamdulillah. Dr Idora said that my placenta is a bit low, but there is nothing to worry yet as it should climb up as the pregnancy progresses (this happened when I was preggy with Bella too).

Dr Idora waited a while to show us how the baby moves. As if on cue it did a nice somersault-like movement, very close to how Bella shifts in bed when she is asleep. Kinda like the sister already, this one. Heheh.

A warm and fuzzy feeling came onto me and I fell in love all over again.

I was smitten for the rest of the day. Whenever I recalled that moment I smiled to myself like a crazy woman. Haha.

I am due on 29 August 2014. Come to think of it, it is just another 6 months to go. Gahhh….

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