Bella the chirpy bird

Thursday, July 18, 2013

I was sending this little girl to her school yesterday when suddenly her new teacher, Ms Nori asked me:

"Akak, akak ada makan apape tak masa pregnant kat Bella?"
(Sis, were you eating anything special when you were pregnant with Bella?)

I did not see that kind of question coming obviously, and it took a while for me to crack my head for an answer.

"Eh takde apape sangat pun, takde makan apape special pun"
(Eh, nothing much. Nothing special in particular)

I was wondering why she was asking it, so she quickly added.

"Sebab dia banyak mulut, kut2 la akak ada makan sarang burung ke apa, or supplement apape"
(Oh coz she she speaks a lot, in case you consumed some birds nest or any kind of supplements)

I answered her with a controlled, decent laugh,

"Eh taklah! Ikut perangai saya agaknya! Haha"
(Oh no I didn't! Maybe she just got it from me! Haha)

Honestly, I could have laughed out louder. Hahah.

Anyway come to think of it :

Birds nest = Birds = Chirpy = Bella

Makes sense, ey?


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