Another year to the big 30

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Wow, I can’t believe myself as I wrote the title above.

I mean really, just another year?

Oh well, yes I turned 29 yesterday :)

Age really does not bother me much, to be honest. It’s such a cliché to claim that “Age is just a number” and I don’t intend to say that.

Age to me though, is a symbol of maturity. How old we are defines our wisdom and knowledge. It defines how much we have learned from the ups and downs that we went through as the years passed by.

In retrospect, my 28th year of life has been all about adapting and making changes.

Most of it was spent accommodating to a new workplace, a new home and a new lifestyle in a new city. Well, living in KL is not new to me, but living in Subang is.

I spent a lot of time reorganizing my life plans, of what to achieve in the next 5 years. I did consider another baby but maybe it’s not time yet.

And I made the decision to pursue a new field that I have always loved – journalism.

I watched my child grew up ever so rapidly and I freaked out one time or another.

I tried a new approach to managing a family and so far it is working well. Setting goals every month really does give a good direction to what I do every day.

Not bad at all.

And as usual, as an addition to the list I made when I was 27 and added when I was 28, here is one more addition of what I have learned to mark my 29th year of life. I pray that Allah grant me more years and opportunity to improve myself as His servant, a daughter, a wife, a mom and a human being.  Amin.

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