Welcome to Potty Training!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

I kind of think that Bella is ready for potty training actually, judging by the way she is very "fond" of the toilet bowl and knows how to flush. She knows that is where people do "business". Now that is a good sign isn't it?

She is not squirmish when we put her on the loo too, so that is another reason why we think she is ready. Not to mention her liberated acts whenever she is out of her diapers (Being a woman, I can totally relate to that. Having something bugging you down there can be really uncomfortable after a certain point of time. Yes I am talking about the monthly visitor heheh).

Anyway, so this is what happened today.

I dared myself to finally embrace the potty train moment and did not put any diapers on Bella.

When I did so I prepared for the worst. I know today I'll be doing a lot of cleaning haha. My confidence level especially on myself is just 5 out of 10. I tried anyway.

And I told Bella way too many times to tell us if she needs to go the toilet. Poor girl must be annoyed. Like, "Mommy! I get it laaaa!".

After an hour or so Bella was racing to the front of the toilet and saying "shi shi". Awww baby, she IS ready! She knows when she is about to pee. That is HUGE achievement. Kudos is not totally to me really, I think she learned a lot about potty at school too.

So hubby happily took her to the toilet and put her on the toilet bowl.

Nothing happened. Instead of doing her business, she was just chatty about the potty and laughing.

"Eh budak ni, betul ke nak shi shi ni"..... We thought.

Still nothing.

Hahah. Oklah maybe she was just playing. So hubby put her pants back on and let her play.

Just a few minutes later, it happened.

Her first ever leak on the kitchen floor. She looked up at me with an innocent face. Like "Ooops mommy, sorry!".

Heheheh. Obviously she was not ready to pee in the bowl yet. Looks like we should have waited a bit longer.

Hubby immediately asked whether she should wear a diaper after that, but I braved a no. Good thing no leaks happened for a good many hours. Only that when she napped, I had to put on the diapers.

Not too bad an achievement for today eh?

At least now its proven that Bella knows when the pee is coming. As for the peeing-in-the-bowl part, I guess we just have to hang in there a bit more.

Gonna do it again next weekend. Or maybe on the weekdays since hubby is around this week.

So there, it seems like we have officially started our potty training! Slowly and steady does it!

Mommies! Any tips for potty training that you can offer? I know there are lots of my readers who have an experience with it. Any tips are very welcomed :)

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