Decorating my laundry room (Part 2)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

So I managed to spend some time with my camera in the laundry room last weekend. It was about time actually, I have been neglecting that lil' gadget for quite some time now.

See it’s nothing extravagant in the room really, but what I love most is how bright and neat it looks with the wall colour and the thrifty stuff that I have in there. Like I said, when it is neat and nice, I could give laundry a little more loving. Heheh.

When I first outlined the “looks” of our laundry room (oh yes I do this a lot in my notebook, haha. Feeling designer gituuu), what I wanted was a bright look, so that it could absorb as much light as possible. Because it is a narrow space, brightness helps to make it look more spacious and of course I need all the light for the clothes drying.

Here is the view from the kitchen. We painted the room with a soft yellow colour (Softly Lit, Nippon Paint) and painted the door with Snow White, also from Nippon Paint. These were very important to define the space and I’m glad it worked out! Oh and the red rug, just to give a bit of contrast. Heheh. That big trash bin is from my mom, she got a new one so I took this one. One woman’s junk is another woman’s treasure kan?

I separated small and large hangers by having the small ones in the hanging basket on the racks. The large ones are hung on a portable clothes line on the floor. Easy for me to grab them every time.  Plus I cannot stand looking at cluttered and tangled hangers. 

Hubby bought a standard retractable clothes line and cut it off a bit to fit the space that we have on the wall. Another DIY success there! And we both love compact fittings very much, always want to go smart with home solutions. Plus it has to be retractable so that we can open the door to the back alley of the house (no backyard though, booo).

When it is bright, it also means that I get to plant something. So far I can only plant a few due to limited space. Among these three, the one in the light yellow pot is edible. It’s a Thai Basil (a.k.a Daun Kemangi). I love how I am able to pick it anytime and make it a quick “ulam” to go with my rice or toss it in my stir-fry. Eeek...that one seems to have yellow leaves, because I forgot to water it. Eheh.

I am a big fan of baskets. They just look lovely and “homey”. So I put one on the racks to hold my detergents and washing solutions, it looks neater that way. 


Next to the basket, I put a container to hold some clothespins and a little ceramic décor for me to toss in all the surprises that may come from our clothes. You know, those occasional shillings, brooches, loose buttons, etc. Of course I have got to sort them out later.

Last but not least, a quick snap to show the roof. Because it is a laundry room, we need as much air and sunlight as possible. It’s good that the previous owner already made it that way. I like!

OK that’s about it folks! :) Just a simple space, but it sure does makes me happy. Each morning when I come downstairs, the first thing I do is open the doors to this room, it just fills the kitchen with lights and happy vibes and I am all ready to start the day!

What are your tips to keep laundry fun? Any shortcuts to make the process more efficient (e.g separate colour hampers, etc)? I'd be happy to hear!

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