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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hello my dear readers..

Finally I had the guts to open up a page for this blog in Facebook.

See, I may be the kind of person who seems to know what I want, but honestly I am not that bold and the go-get-it type. I do have some reservations and intimidation when it comes to making myself seen, you know, that kind of situation when you walk into a party full of people unknown to you, and the best thing you can only think of doing is merge into the wall. Its just more comfortable that way.

But then I realized that if I want to take this blog seriously,I just have to take it on to another level.

The thing with me is I can get very passionate with things that I love doing. And of the things that I love to do is share my knowledge with people around me, especially to those people who are willing to hear about and in turn, share their knowledge too.

And one channel for me to do it is this blog. A place to keep my passion alive and kicking.That is the main reason Mommy Confessionals is here, to share what I do and what I know, what I experience with people. And to share what I learned most importantly, as I go on with life as a Muslim, a daughter, a wife, a mom.

I may not get much interaction from my you my dear readers, but well, to be honest I love comments.

But I am not sure why I am not getting much of it.

Comments are something that I treasure, they are like chocolate covered strawberries on a simple sponge cake. I always take the strawberries first, and I enjoy it. Knowing that my readers can relate to what I am talking about and interacting with them is probably the best reward that I get from blogging.

There must be something that I am not doing right. Either the way I write is too narrow or self-centered, or my topics are just too boring, or the comment box just does not work for some browsers, etc.

It would be lovely if you can let me know.

Maybe you can treat this post as something like a feedback form. I am open to honesty, really :) Just don't be mean. Heheh.

So anyway, here is the link to Mommy Confessional's FB page. The plan is to have more contents over there, whenever the thought comes by, since updating FB takes lesser time than having to create a whole entry in a blog. If you like what I talk about over here, and what I am sharing, I would be honoured to get your support over there in FB too :) Just click LIKE, you know the drill. Heheh.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank each and every one of you who reads this blog, I hope that what I write will continue to relate to you and inspire you.Thank you, really. Thank you.

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