Welcoming the terrible twos.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

“Bella, let’s take a shower shall we?”


“Bella, let me help you with your pants”

“No!!” (Or more like “I don’t wanna wear my pants!” and run wildly around the home)

“Bella, you can’t take this toy to your school. Your classmates will take it”


“Bella, please drink some water”


Oh dear. And so the Terrible-Twos has begun.

The year of power struggles and tantrums. Phewww..

I have long foreseen this, and I already braced myself for it, but to be honest it really drives me crazy. I require double the energy these days, physical and emotional. Physical to take care of her physical needs, and emotional to handle the power struggles and her tantrums. And it’s pretty exhausting especially when my husband is not around to “absorb” it with me.

Speaking of physical, I sometimes get this nasty muscle ache that radiates from my back to the chest area, I am pretty sure that it is because of carrying that little weight of Bella. I swear that she is getting as heavy as a rock, but the funny thing is when she goes on the scale she is actually consistent at 12 kg for quite some time already!

My dear Salsabila,
You are obviously not a baby anymore. These days you always try to prove it to Mommy and Abah, and yes honey, we see it. Yes, you can eat your cereals all on your own, you can dry yourself after the shower, but there are certain things that you are not supposed to be doing. Not yet.
Like wanting to wash the dishes for mommy (how sweet), or wanting to play with the Ipad when it is wayyy past your bedtime. Or not wanting to wash your poo when clearly you are bothered by it. Those kinds of things that does you more harm than good.
In a way we are proud that you want to have that sense of confidence and self control, and Mommy and Abah are trying very hard not to rob that from you. Honey, its OK, we will as much as we can let you do things on your own. But when we say it’s a no, it’s a NO and one day you will understand.
We love you so much, and there is no way you can contend the love we have for you.
Kisses and hugs,
Mommy and Abah

Having troubles with your toddler’s tantrums too? Here are some recommended readings. Communication seems to be the key. Yes you should communicate with a toddler, as much as you can.

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