Martha Stewart Craft Studio app

Thursday, December 27, 2012

I am now just starting to discover how convenient Ipad can be, eventhough we already own it for almost a year (obviously most of the time its not being used by me).

I remember downloading this awesome app from Martha Stewart called Craft Studio. Its basically a scrapbooking app and when its from Martha Stewart you know how lovely it can be :) I downloaded when it was launched and it was free, i think maybe now its already a paid app.

Anyway i was browsing through the photo gallery in our ipad and i found a piece i made with the Craft Studio app. Not bad at all eh? Its so easy to use and most of all the embellishments and papers are so beautiful i had a hard time choosing which one to use.

If you are into digital scrapbooking you can check out this app at the app store.

Andddd, here is another good news, i will be hosting a giveaway soon and it has something to do with scrapbooking too ;)

Be sure to check out this space ok? I tell you the prize is very worthwhile I am getting excited already!

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