Bella at her concert!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

We were pretty ecstatic about this. Although the fact was Bella could not care less (she is just 2 after all), but us being parents and all, of course we were excited! 

Bella just joined the Pre-Nursery for a mere 2 weeks, and so happened that they were already practising for the annual concert.

You see, Bella and her classmates are supposed to, repeat, supposed to; dance to the Ketchup Song, but of course, all the surprises came out during the real deal. 

Our lovely Bella froze on stage and just scanned the crowd and ignored the music, despite the teachers being busy dancing along down stage, and me, calling out her name. LOL A few of them really danced, and a few was the same case as Bella. So cute huh? Heheh. 

Funny thing was Bella only noticed me in the end of the show, and only then she got excited and went all smiling. She also got busy telling her friend that she saw me. Oh dear :)

The concert took around 3 hours to finish, with a lot of performance from the students, from dancing to singing to poem reciting and storytelling. It was our first time attending a kindy concert too, so it was good fun, and surely a cuteness overdose. Heheh.

The lineup!

After her gig and enjoying the show.

The Finale.

Us. Heart. I think hubby looks sweet in this photo. LOL

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