Quitting your job: Just do it the right way people.

Friday, July 13, 2012

I finally came to realize that it’s normal to hear that people come and go, even when you are working in a company that you feel is actually not so bad.

Regardless of what kind of company you are in, people come and go. People move on.

But then when it comes to coming and going, I frequently hear about employees who come by just for a few weeks or months, and suddenly they leave.

In worst cases, they were gone in 24 hours. Like suddenly, poof!, and they are gone.

Which makes me think of the reasons of why such things happen?

In the workforce, people say sometimes you just have to be selfish. When an opportunity comes, usually it is not ideal to let it fly by. You grab it.

But even to the expense of others? Is that how it is supposed to work?

Say for example you just joined the company, and people are actually spending time and resources to make you feel at “home” and get you in the game, and then suddenly you just drop the bomb and leave. I mean, how cruel is that?

As much as we should keep it professional (sometimes I feel that this term is being abused honestly), but when it comes to emotional impact, it really does matters. It gives an impact to the morale of the team, and to me it’s just NOT professional.

But then again, it all comes back to grabbing opportunity. If the reason why someone abruptly leaves is because he got another better offer or he finally gets what he wants, then we cannot really put the blame on him right?

I don’t know. In one hand I feel that it is wrong and unethical, but in the other I feel that it is something that has to happen.

I would try not to get into this position, but I wonder, what would I have done if it is me?

Whatever it is I always believe in one thing: Dignity and respect.

Unless the company you are leaving is a total a**, then by all means you should leave in a professional manner, with dignity and due respect.

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