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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Yes, I have been cooking on and off. As busy as I get, sometimes I myself wonder how in the world did I still find time to cook something. I guess it lies in the passion, and the fact that just being in the kitchen is an utter joy and satisfaction to me.

These days I cook almost every night. Not everytime heavy meal, but definitely something from my own kitchen. Since I started to eat more healthily (part of a very slow diet plan), I do not have much option on healthy take-aways. So I had to resort to making my own.

Just want to share some new things I have tried lately, puff pastries and muffins, and a homemade caesar salad. Yeay!

Chicken & Vege pie
Chicken and Vege Pie
Pain au Chocolat

Pain Au Chocolat (not so fashionable LOL)

Caesar Salad
Caesar Salad

Choc Chip Muffins
Choc Chip Muffins

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