Saturday, January 29, 2011

[Photo 15] Something i wanna do before i die.

Bungee jumping!
I am not an adrenaline junkie, but i think i should try this at least once. It looks fun. Hehe.Not sure if they have it in Malaysia though.


aim aris said...

i would love to that also before i die too!! haha. :D anyway plg nearest dkt bali kot. they have that tp super expensive. :( better buat dkt new zealand or australia. ;)

sarahtebuan said...

dekat sunway lagoon ada dah skang ni..hng naik pusing2 tuh ponx dah nk termuntah

haniz said...

Wow! you really are brave dear.

This is fun right? I join this challenge too.

yunayuni said...

sarah and aim : haha cakap mmg berani,buat belom berani tapi mau,boleh? heheh

haniz: hi haniz.thx for dropping by! will visit your blog too :)



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