Quick One.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Today i think dah genap a month i did not update. I have the same lame excuse but that is the simple truth.

Yesterday i bought a new laptop for papa, and now i am in Coffee Bean exploiting the hotspot. Haha.

I have finished my IceBlended and i think it is not nice for me stay too long. Hehe :P Anyway here is a quick update..

Ok basically i have already resigned from Perodua, coz Petronas finally gave me a holler. Well, much to my surprise i was offered a job as an IT executive in BASF-Petronas Chemicals which is based in Gebeng, Kuantan..Ouch~ i never expected that i will end up working as an IT personnel, tapi tu la, i think that is my rezeki after all. It is not that i cant do it, well, i think i can, it is just the mental block saying that i am not good for such position.

I have tried all my life to be a positive person, so here goes. I WILL try my best to be a good IT person. I think I CAN DO IT. Who is going to push me if not myself..So, wish me luck in my new career. May i have the strength to excel.Sigh~

I will be departing for Kuantan maybe this 28th November. Along with my new orange MYVI ; my loyal companion. I am gradually feeling that i am turning into another responsible adult, and there is more to come. So much to be taken care of..

Wish me luck my friends, and as usual, i will always try my best to update.


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