I am all engine-ered.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

One of the perks of training with Perodua is that you get to do Automotives the fast way. For me it is something that is really valueable because in just 3 weeks you get to know many things about cars, especially Perodua cars.

During the Product Knowledge lessons i was awed to find out many special things about Perodua cars. There are things these cars have that i never knew before, and of course, now i do not mind having a Perodua car around. Haha.

We were also taught intensively about engines, including DVVT. Now i know what DVVT is all about. Next week we are going to overhaul an engine and experience some hands on lessons before being attached to a service center the following week.

By the way we also had a plant tour last week. My goodness, rupa2nye the plant was so big and we all actually walked like 5km without realizing it. That was also another valuable experience because i got to see how a car is actually being made. Eventhough i ended up with some blisters ( because i was not wearing good shoes), the tour was nevertheless fun.

I am off to exploring my Perodua Kancil now =P. Toodles~~

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