Wisdom teeth frenzy.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Most of us are turning 22 this year, and most of us have not fully grown our wisdom teeth yet.

Kinda found it funny when lately I found out that many of my friends are having a bad time growing their wisdom teeth. First it was my roomate, Mira, then I heard from Emy ( from his blog), two days ago it was Hana and currently Sarah is growing hers..And I am also pretty sure I have heard complaints from a few more. Kinda reminds me of babies growing teeth too, no wonder they are always cranky when their teeth are growing out.

Guys, hang in there eyh.. At least you guys are having it now and you can laugh at me later. Aaaa..I haven't grown mine yet!From the way my friends are doing, i think that it could be somewhat painful....

*GULP* wuhhuuu..freakin out here.

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