Saturday, June 25, 2016

Being a stay-at-home mom does take your social life away.

My main real life social network on most days. Heart.
If any of you are considering to leave a comfortable 9-5 job to become a work at home or stay at home mom, I would like to let you know that you also MUST BE READY to leave a substantial part of your social life.

If there is one thing I miss about my full time job, it would definitely be the people around me. Of course I am not talking about the toxic ones (every office will have this kind of breed, trust me) but I very much miss my peers and the ones close to me.

Much of it because we kind of became ears for each other, you know, the kind of people that makes your working life a bit more pleasant because of their honest and good company.

The people in the office who have became your friends, in fact. The ones who are usually willing to spend a bit of their precious time to hear about your day, to relate or hear about something that excites you or bothers you, or just a plain ol' rant to get some negative energy out of your system.

Those kind of people.

And, being a woman, we all cherish a person who can empathise with us. Not necessarily give a solution to our problem, but just be there to hear us out and let us unload our feelings.

I guess many can relate to this.

Staying at home and no more going to an office to meet these friends, well, it does rip your social life apart.

You will literally have only the kids to meet every day. A very minimal adult interaction on most days, what's more a person who can share your feelings then and there. No another person to provide you a shoulder or an ear to cry on the spot, if necessary.

So, many of us turn to social media to rant, or just express somewhat seems like a trivial thing (but actually does not sound so trivial when you tell it to a real person instead of posting it on to your Facebook wall).

Because of that, many have misjudged us and think that we stay at home moms have nothing more to do (when in fact there are loads of things to do.....@#$$%!! OK don't get me started on this one).

The point is, the next time you see a stay at home mom rant, or post something a tad more frequently on her Facebook wall, don't be too quick to judge that they do not have anything better to do, or they are just longing for attention.

Possibly, she is doing it because that could be the very last thing that helps her keep her sanity. Or maybe, she actually need a shoulder or an ear to cry or rant on at that point of time. We all know how much it hurts to keep feelings pent up inside. 

Just like any other human being, we also need social interactions with our peers.

Just like how people meet at work and have life conversations over breakfast, or randomly messaging each other through their office messaging network or email to destress after finishing a load of office work. Or like visiting a peer in the next cubicle for a quick chat to destress and enjoy some coffee.

I may have been more active on my social media these days, and sometimes I do laugh at my own silly statuses. But I am glad that it is helping me to survive my somewhat reduced social life.

I am glad that I have social media to connect to the people who care about me, vice versa. And I hope that they don't mind too.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Dream Big, Princess Bella!

I remember sometime ago when I asked Bella what she wanted to become when she grow up.


That was her answer.

Well, considering her age that might not have been a serious answer (she was 3 or 4 when I asked her that question). Or maybe she was so inspired by carrots she decided to become one when she grow up. I really don't know. Haha.

Speaking of growing up aspirations, I recently asked Bella again on what she wanted to be someday.

She told me she would like to be a chef.

And then a few seconds later she also told me that she would like to be a firewoman.

Fickle as she may be, I swear that it was the best thing I have heard that day.

"Oh so you want to be both?"

"Yes!" she said.

Very well then. Be both my dear. There is nothing wrong with that, as long as it makes you happy.

Anyway, when I became a parent I vowed to myself to support my child in whatever thing that choose to pursue in their life and just be happy as long as they are.

Gone are the days when we parents need to literally shape our children's future by making them do something they don't like or be something that they don't even want to be.

A girl is allowed to dream big in our family,  just as how every girl (and boy) are allowed to dream big out there. 

And behind her aspirations, Bella too has her own Disney Princess who inspires her.

To be honest, she would say all Disney Princesses aspires her, but in particular, she really loves Pocahontas.

When I relate it to her personality, I can pretty much tell that she probably loves Pocahontas because of her courage and how she dares to be different. I hope when she grows up she will continue to have the courage to be confident, content and believe in herself, insya Allah.

Anyway how about your girls? Do they have their own favourite Disney Princess too? If yes, how does the princess inspire her? Maybe you can try asking your girl too, and be surprised at what she may tell you!

And if you are proud about it and wish to share it with Disney, here is how you can do it and stand a chance to win a family holiday in a fairytale castle in Germany!

Visit the Dream Big, Princess Dream Wall to submit your child's own aspirations today by clicking at this link. This contest ends on 15 June 2016, so don't be late ok?

Here is to empowering our girls to be the best they can be. Here is to teaching them to love themselves and be happy with their own strength and weaknesses, and become a great women some day.

Dream Big, Princess! ;)


Saturday, June 11, 2016

So a way into a man's heart is through his stomach eh?

There are a few things that makes me jealous with my husband.

Apart from his ability to fall asleep within seconds, and continue to sleep so soundly like a polar bear, regardless of where he fell asleep (yes, even on a cold hard floor or while sitting on a couch), I am also jealous of his ability to survive with basic food.

The thing is, I am the foodie in the house.

I do go an extra mile when it comes to satisfy my cravings, and when I cook I make sure that it taste good and enjoyable.

My husband, on the other hand, could survive with whatever that he can find in the kitchen.

Like he really can just survive with a some bread and "serunding" for his dinner, that kind of thing.

Or with some leftovers that the kids did not finish (even when it is just a mouthful). And topping it up with some yogurt drink or something.

"I can actually survive with lesser and simpler food you know," he suddenly said to me after we were done with break-fast a few days ago.

Mind you, it was just a simple rice with one or two dish meal that I usually prepare.

These kinds of remarks annoys me because a) as a wife, I enjoy cooking good food for my husband and my family , and b) the truth is I need good food and enjoy it (lol).

Before I said anything he continued.

"....but the problem is I can eat a lot too, especially when they are this good. Everytime you cook, it tastes so good I just have to eat a lot"

Ehhh? It sounded so confusing but I decided to take it as a compliment.

We both broke into a laughter, acknowledging that "huge" dilemma.

Well, thank you for "eating a lot" when I cook dear. You could probably be a great diet partner, but in the meantime forgive me for making you eat so much I guess. Meheh.

Friday, June 10, 2016

How to earn some cashback when you shop at ShopBack

Wouldn’t it be fun if we can earn some cash by just shopping online? 

I mean, since we all do a lot of shopping online, earning something in return while we get to enjoy the purchase that we made would be lovely wouldn’t it? 

Especially when we shop at our favourite brands or blog shops.

To be honest, I have some reservations when shopping for my own clothes online (I always seem to have some problems with the sizing huhuh) but when it comes to the kids clothing or kids stuff, I usually always buy it online.

I personally think that buying kids cloth is easier online, as most clothing sizes are generic and easily fits them. Also for kids stuff there are a lot of selections online too.

I remember being in confinement twice and the most enjoyable part was browsing for baby and child stuff online, making a purchase and waiting for it to arrive. LOL. I guess that was probably what helped me kept my sanity haha.

I wish I have known about ShopBack back then, that would definitely make my online shopping more enjoyable (and less guilty too..haha).

Anyway what in the world am I talking about again?

Well, I am actually talking about earning back cash, yes, you read that right – get friggin’ cold hard cash when you shop from your favourite shop online.

So basically this is called a cashback concept, something that has been in the global online shopping scene for quite a while and has finally reached our shores. 

In a nutshell, you can actually earn cashback and enjoy the best online promotions with ShopBack by shopping at your favourite brand online store via ShopBack itself.

Don’t geddit? Nah, watch this video and learn more:

Interesting huh?

So, for example, if you love to shop at Lazada (I know that is many people’s to-go place to checkout some gadget or electrical appliances deals), you can visit the site via your ShopBack account in order to make a purchase and earn the entitled cashback.  Check out the latest Lazada voucher at ShopBack here.

Cool eh? I mean, shop and earn some money in return? Yes, please!

It is actually not very hard to use the site too, as they also categorize the shopping sites for easy access and less time to find what you are looking for.

For example again, if you want to enjoy the best baby and parenting product deals, you can click at the Categories link and find the Baby and Kids category to be directed to the shopping site lists and the cashback amount that you can earn.

Something like this:

Now you geddit? Heheh.

It’s worth a try really, especially if you are going to make a purchase anyway.  

There are no fees whatsoever required to be registered at ShopBack site and create your own account. Just sign up with ShopBack and you are all ready to earn.

Giddy to get started? 

You can get registered here and instantly earn RM5 when you make your first purchase, in addition to whatever cashback amount that is being offered in the deal.

Sounds fun right?

I hope this helps you to benefit more from your online shopping (besides the pleasure of SHOPPING itself). Hehehe.

Have fun guys!

Thursday, June 09, 2016

Outgrowing her fussy eating? I sure hope so.

I will never stop complaining about this little girl's eating habits. Like seriously. It is not like I am whining about it to people, but she sure gets it from me.

Like "Bellaaaa...makan la ni...Mommy penat masak tau, pasal apa la susah sangat nak makan." Things like that.

Well in truth I have actually kind of come to terms with it, but sometimes I dunno, I just wish she eats better. You know, one of the days. I am just a normal (human) mom after all. 

But then I notice that she has improved a lot actually, and now I think I should really just let her go with the flow.

These days I notice that she is willing to give new food a try. Sometimes she curiously came to me when she saw me eating something, and asked me what is it. Sometimes she gets attracted with the fragrance of the food and start asking me what I am cooking, for example.

Whether she eats or not, that is a different story.

On my lucky days she may agree to have a sip, or a bite and if she likes it she'll have a few of it. 

But not before she approached the food, with a cautious nose (the one with the kembang kuncup motion..ugh), and taking all the time in the world to finally have a taste of whatever food it was. And when she tries it, she only like bit a littleeee part of it, like come on now, that would not give you the real taste -__-

Anyway, yeah, that's her.

Well at least, she is willing to give it a try.

Again on my lucky days, she will actually love it and ask for more. My heart literally jump with joy and you can easily see a huge grin on my face. Like yeay, one food to add in your list, Bella. And one more kind of food I can cook next time (saves me from the headache of what to cook every time! I guess many moms can relate to this headache right??).

I think she will outgrow her fussy eating one day. Maybe she just needs more time, that's all.

Come on Bella, you can do it! Eat more stuff please. More real food. You'll thank me for paksa you eat all these veges one day. Just you wait.



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