Friday, June 09, 2017

Iftar with 11 Street Ramadhan Beli-Belah Jom Buka Puasa Promo

It's Friday and we are now on the 13th day of Ramadhan. Almost halfway through now, and I wish all my Muslim readers a wonderful and blessed Ramadhan nonetheless.

Ever since we had the kids, we do not fancy having iftar in restaurants anymore.

Simply because we find it a little inconvenient to rush for Maghrib prayers while having to handle the kids, and also some places could get too crowded with people rushing to the same thing.

Most of the time we do iftar at the comfort of our home - I will do simple cooking with rice and occasionally some desserts from the local Ramadhan bazaar.

However, we do once in a while enjoy a decent Ramadhan buffet or buka-puasa meals outside, sometimes during the weekend or when I feel like taking a break. Usually we will choose a comfortable place with ample space for families and a decent surau for us to do our prayers (a hotel is great choice for us).

Every Ramadhan, there is a lot of buffet promotion going on. Of course, with all those abundant choices it may be a bit hard to choose (especially when you tummy is empty) but I think the ones at are quite nice too.

One thing is that you can purchase it online and pay conveniently, and best of all you get to enjoy exclusive discounts as well.

Check this out:

11Street Ramadhan Beli-Belah Jom Buka Puasa Promo

They have a big lineup of venues for Ramadhan buffets such as De Palma Hotel, Dewan Perdana Felda and Pearl International Hotel. They also have cash vouchers and set meals vouchers for participating restaurants such as Nando's, Secret Recipe, O'Briens and more.

As for us, last Sunday, we had the chance to enjoy a sumptuous feast in comfort at Pullman Hotel Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.

The spread was great - from fresh fruit platters to lamb grill, to fresh durian! My favourite would be their Rojak Buah, Sup Gearbox and local dishes served in huge woks (kawah)!

So if you feel like spending an iftar outside with your family and friends, check out 11 Street for amazing discounts and interesting makan places to visit:

Click here to purchase your meals at 11 Street Ramadhan Beli-Belah Jom Buka Puasa promo!

Thank you 11Street Malaysia for this wonderful treat. Even the kids had a few rounds of food and we all really enjoyed it :)

Last but not least, remember that even the foods are abundant and you are spoilt for choice, eat only what you can and don't waste precious food :)

Ramadhan Mubarak everyone!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Time to Shop the World at 11street (and get free petrol vouchers too!)

Last week, I was honored to be invited again by the team at 11Street Malaysia to celebrate the launching of their latest SHOP THE WORLD campaign, currently running at

This time, the 11Street Shop the World campaign will see them offering promotions on various international products like Laneige, MamyPoko, Philips AVENT and Coleman (which just so happens are my fav brands too) and many other brands from countries all over the world like China, Japan, Korea, USA and Taiwan.

Full range of Philips AVENT. Love!

I was in awe of the full collection of Coleman items which I can buy later (camping yang tak tau bila nak pegi. LOL)

Running from 11 March 2017 - 18 April 2017, the campaign offers discounts up to 99% and FREE overseas shipping for selected items for their participating brands, and while doing your shopping you also stand a chance to win some petrol vouchers!
Mamy Poko full range of products all available on 11street. How cute is the one with Mickey Mouse tu??
So if you are planning to stock up on your baby's diapers, or perhaps trying out Laneige's BB cushion (you definitely should try them) or maybe buying some new Philips AVENT breastfeeding stuff, how about checking out the deals at 11street?

Who knows, maybe you'll get your petrol bill covered for next week too!

Happy shopping everyone!

Thank you 11Street for bringing in the world to Malaysians!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Why you should get Biolane for your baby and you

When I first received these lovely products from Biolane, the first thought that came to my mind was that they won't be smelling a thing.

It is not a bad thing about the products though, it is just me because I am a sucker for nice smelling things. LOL.

Anyway, I do understand that some scents and chemicals are actually not very good for sensitive skins and babies skin, therefore I totally get it why they don't smell so strongly like the conventional ones out there.

Nevertheless, I still love how these Biolane skincare products actually have a bit of fresh and baby-ish smell (heaven, right?).

At the same time, they are still specially formulated with Hydra-Bleine, a patented formulation made using active natural ingredients like wheat germ oil that nourishes and protects while helping to strengthen the skin's natural defenses.

So, among all of these, my favourite would be the shower gel and the stretch mark cream.

The shower gel particularly for it's heavenly baby smell and silky texture which I can generously use on Khaleeli, and the stretch mark cream because the texture is just nice - not too sticky and not too light. Plus it also has a lovely, mild smell almost like a gentle baby powder.

Well, I may not have a baby or a cracked nipple right about now, but I would love to share an up close of Biolane Nursing Balm too, in case you are a mom looking for the right nursing balm to help soothe cracked nipples (ouch, I know).

What I particularly love about Biolane Nursing Balm is it's sweet smell and the fact that it is made from 99% natural origin ingredients. So if you use it you won't have to worry about it being ingested by the baby as it is perfectly safe if the residue is still there when baby starts to nurse.

So yep, Biolane would definitely be the top of my list when I have my next baby (I would probably save some of this for it, I hope it doesn't go bad haha).

Thank you Biolane for these lovely products. I really love it and I hope my readers would try it out too :)

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Khaleeli's wonderful session at BeeBop Circus , The School @ Jaya One

Khaleeli at BeeBop Circus, The School @ Jaya One

Khaleeli is 2 and a half years old now (sorry I could not figure out how many months that is, LOL), and he is as bouncy, clumsy and rough as EVER.He gets knocks and bruises and falls and whatnots all the time, and the best part is he doesn't care. Gahh. Sometimes that drives me up the wall!

Anyway, I know that is a sign of healthy development of his gross motor skills, and I am happy too. My husband and I love to think of ourselves as the outdoor-sy, adventurous parents so yeah, we let him play rough whenever the space and time permits. We also believe in how much outdoor play actually helps with the kids learning and development.

A few months ago, BeeBop Circus at The School, Jaya One contacted me for some trial classes at their center (apparently a perfect place for Khaleeli!)

We were there for 4 times, and Khaleeli really enjoyed himself (after he got comfortable with the instructors and environment lah, he kan a very shy boy...).

So basically BeeBop Circus is a educational and play center that focuses on learning through physical activities, music, dance, colours and moral values.

They have this huge gym space with fancy theme and structures safe for the kids to bounce and play according to a specific curriculum, developed specially by early childhood educators and fitness instructors.

Kids will need to be registered for a package and attend classes at BeeBop Circus Jaya One, Petaling Jaya every week within a specific hour. For Khaleeli's age, at least one parent must be involved to play together with their child (which is actually good exercise for mom and dad too! lol ).

So here are some more photos for you to have a better idea:

They have alternate themes every month and I think this was a forest/adventure theme or something
Khaleeli really loved this!

Ice-breaking session before starting with circuit play

So they have to go from one "obstacle" to another in a circuit, guided by the instructors

Mommy would love to jump in!

Rolling rolling!

Practicing his coordination skills

Working his core!

Up to the tunnel!

Ending the session with some bubble time :)
I honestly think that this place is amazing and enjoyable for kids! One drawback is for shy kids like Khaleeli, it is better to go early for them to get used to the environment and break the ice with the instructors. After that, they will totally have fun!

They also have classes for older kids, so if you are interested just give them a buzz (pun intended)!

Thank you very much BeeBop Circus Jaya One for this amazing and educational opportunity. Khaleeli really had a blast! :)

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Some tips on bento making from the MILO Bento-making Workshop!

Every mom wishes to be able to pack a nice lunchbox for their kids, especially the ones with fancy decorations and looks so yummy too. Seriously, I would not mind having this for myself:

A giraffe sandwich prepared by Yan Diana
But I tell you, I am not one of the lucky ones.

My girl is one picky eater, and I honestly have run out of ideas on what to pack for her lunchbox (and it is only the 3rd week of her in Year 1..gahh!)

Anyway, last few weeks I was honoured to be invited by MILO UHT Pack in the Energy for Champions campaign to attend a bento making workshop with one of the talented and inspiring mommy, Yan Diana from Kelab Bekal/Bento Malaysia Facebook Page. I tell you, she makes some kick-ass bento boxes, and she made it looks so easy! T_T

Yan and her creation

Another creation of Yan's. How adorable.
In the event, Yan taught us some handy tips on making bento and not to mention, she actually did a great job at motivating us mommies who just can't seem to get it moving in the bento department. I had loads of fun preparing my own bento box at the workshop too, eventhough it turned out so funny looking and embarassingly creepy. Hahah.

What I made. Seriously I don't even know what this is -___-"

Besides Yan, Nestle's Senior Nutritionist, Iliani Ahmad also shared with us a lot of nutritional and eating tips that I find very useful especially when it comes to the children and their eating habits. One of it is to BE CONSISTENT when trying to get the kids to eat fruits and veges, which means that I should not give up when they refuse them the first few times.

Creation by other parents. They were quite nailing it already!
So in case you too need some morale boosters or some tips on bento-making, here are some that I managed to recall from the workshop:

1) Prepare the ingredients as early as you can (e.g the night before or the weekend) and store it properly in a clean container

2) Get the children involved when planning the menu for bento - ask them what they want in their bentos to get an idea on what food they like and dislike

3) Get the right bento box for the kind of food (e.g a small container for condiments, a divided sections for rice and protein)

4) Make use of kitchen tools when designing the decoration : toothpicks, cookie cutters, etc.

5) Ask the children to not throw away what they do not like in the bento and bring it home instead. This way you'll know what they do not like or refuse to eat so you can form a strategy on how to finally get them to eat it! (this is brilliant haha)

Bella also tried making her own decoration :)

Thank you very much MILO for this fun and informative event! I promise I'll keep on trying to prepare healthy and yummy bentos for my kids. Teheeehe..



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