Saturday, July 18, 2015

Selamat Hari Raya!

How is your Raya so far?

It is the 2nd raya today, and so far it has been great for us (except for the heat that makes the kids cranky….its soo hot these days!).

This year we travelled to Kota Bharu, Kelantan to celebrate with our extended families. It has been 2 years since we last celebrated here.

Just wanted to take this opportunity to wish all my Muslim readers Eid Mubarak, and to the rest of you, enjoy the holidays! J

See you at the next post.

Now excuse me while I go and prepare my outfit for raya today. Hehe. It’s going to be a loose fitting dress coz I need all the room for the food haha.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Put a huge smile on your husband's face

Tell me, when was the last time you hugged your husband?

Like a real comforting hug, the just-hug-and-ignore-everything kind of hug? One that makes you both feel serene and happy, for literally being in each other's arms? And as you savour the short and sweet moment, you both dance to some sort of a muted music?

Well, I don't do it that much either.

But I have discovered the pleasure in it and ever since, I have been trying to do it a lot more often.

Sometimes I sit down and I wonder whether my focus have been shifted too much on the kids, the home. I forgot that I have another person that deserves the same attention - my husband.

It is not like he is complaining or making a fuss about it, but somehow, I can tell it from the way we live these days.

Day in and day out, we go by with our routines. The kids kept us busy, and so worn-out at the same time. End of the day, we both surrendered to the tiredness. I sometimes watch him sleep, steal some glances on his tired face.

And then I thought - Damn. This parenting sh** is real (excuse my words).

I wish that we could have back more of those days where we enjoy a movie night, or just talk about things other than the kids or the home. Most of all, I do secretly wish that we both could escape to somewhere and leave everything behind. Just be carefree again.

Well we all know that it's not going to happen.

Us moms and wives, we want our husbands to appreciate us more. We want them to show their love, say it out loud, display it affectionately. We love those.

But sometimes we forgot, that they too, would appreciate the same thing. They may not say it out loud, display it, but if we take some time and try to look or listen, chances are they also could be expecting the same thing.

So why not, we start first?

With that, I think I am going to follow suit with this challenge:

#glt20daychallenge by Gracious Little Things blog

A brilliant one, I shall say. Created purely out of the same sentiment that I have. It is all about appreciating the husband, which I find quite fun and a very thoughtful thing to do.

Just click on the picture above and you will be directed to Grace's page where she tells everything in detail.

It is also so simple right? So follow-able. Whatever you call it.

I like it.

So, are you with me? Please tell me that what I wrote inspires at least a few of you. LOL.

If you do, leave a comment so that I know who to find when you post your photos at the #glt20daychallenge hashtag :)

Now go do something nice for your husband!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday Inspiration : Become what you respect


This came as a realisation to me. Often I expect a lot of things from people, but I forgot that I too should become what I expect people to be.

Any good change should always start from ourselves. One finger points to a person, another three points back at oneself.

Thursday, July 09, 2015

How to introduce herbs and spices to baby

Sometime ago I have written about how guilty I felt about the way I started Bella off with solid foods, and what I have learned from my experience.

This time around with Khaleeli, I wanted to do better.

Alhamdulillah, so far, he has been eating like a boss.

That boy is a junior foodie I tell you, he explores food like nobody's business. He loves his food.

I try my best to give him real food most of the time, but I admit I do give him teething biscuits and off-the-shelf snacks to him once in a while (just trying to keep it real here).

Anyway, since he has not much problem with food, one interesting that I did is I introduced herbs and spices to him early.

Like as early as 7 months old.

I have been doing a lot of reading on baby food, and I have discovered that herbs and spices actually gives variety to the babies palate.

Plus we all know that herbs and spices are superfood, they are pretty much packed with nutritions and healing properties.

So I figured, why not?

I started mixing herbs/spices (in powder form) into Khaleeli's fruit puree, and then progressed into his main course (rice/pasta).

So far, Khaleeli has been eating these herbs with no problems so far:

I add a dash of nutmeg into almost all of Khaleeli's fruit purees - banana, dates, pumpkin, apricots. It gives such a amazing fragrant to the food too.

Also added this into purees, as well as his oatmeal or rice cereal (I make my own cereals too :). Cinnamon is my favourite spice! So fragrant and inviting.

Mixed herbs - marjoram,thyme, rosemary, sage, savory
I use mixed herbs in his pasta mostly. Dashed some into his cheesy pasta. Yet to try putting it into his porridge. Should be doing it soon.

Curry powder
Aha, I was skeptic with this but I tried anyway. I started off with just a pinch of chicken curry powder in his pasta stir-fry. I am going to try out kurma powder too.

He loves all of them, eating without fuss and sometimes quite a lot in one serving.

I think that this is a good way to let him explore with flavours and textures and I hope he continues to love his herbs until he is all grown up.

Here is a good place to start if you'd like to experiment with herbs for your baby too :

I find this website quite informative as it offers a lot of advice for baby food.

Also, of course, if you would like some recipe inspiration, head here to Annabel Karmel website (don't we all love how those baby foods looks so yummy and pretty?).

Until then, have fun and let me know how yours turned out OK?

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Balancing homework and playtime

I always believe that children are literally born to play.

In fact, a lot of learning occurs when they get busy with playtime. Sometimes it looks so trivial but they are actually discovering a lot of new things as they play along.

Bella has been in her school since she was 2 year old. She started off with playschool and now she is officially on a more formal education in the big kid’s class.

Although I am happy with her progress at school (she is really good at Maths and Reading), sometimes I worry that she is getting too much of it.

I usually just let her play once she comes home from school every day. Apart from some light reading, all she does is play and make a mess. I don’t mind her doing it because I know that she deserves a break from a long day at school (she also goes to daycare at the same kindy).

At least when at home, she has the permission to let loose and just be her, instead of being bounded by rules and routines of school.

She has also started to bring home more homeworks. Most of the time it is Mandarin, and that means a lot of writing exercises. That translates into a very tough time for me – it is sooo hard to get her to sit down quietly and finish it.

Mandarin homework. Look at those strokes. Huhuh.

I came to know from her teacher that she is not very into writing, so maybe that could be why. Plus, there are a lot more distractions at home, you know – the toys, wanting to play with little brother, wanting to tell mommy and abah this and that, her imaginary play scenes and all.

Well, I don’t really blame her.

I mean, isn’t that what 4 years olds are supposed to do? Play and let loose?

I am torn.

In one hand, I do want her to learn from her formal education (that means completing her homework and all). But, in the other hand, I still want to support her natural learning through play.

How lah like this?

Perhaps I should have a timetable at home too right? Maybe that could work.

I thought of doing it that later when she is in primary school at least, but it seems like I have to start doing it now already.

So how do you manage your children and their homework? Any tips that you want to share?



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