Thursday, January 19, 2017

Some tips on bento making from the MILO Bento-making Workshop!

Every mom wishes to be able to pack a nice lunchbox for their kids, especially the ones with fancy decorations and looks so yummy too. Seriously, I would not mind having this for myself:

A giraffe sandwich prepared by Yan Diana
But I tell you, I am not one of the lucky ones.

My girl is one picky eater, and I honestly have run out of ideas on what to pack for her lunchbox (and it is only the 3rd week of her in Year 1..gahh!)

Anyway, last few weeks I was honoured to be invited by MILO UHT Pack in the Energy for Champions campaign to attend a bento making workshop with one of the talented and inspiring mommy, Yan Diana from Kelab Bekal/Bento Malaysia Facebook Page. I tell you, she makes some kick-ass bento boxes, and she made it looks so easy! T_T

Yan and her creation

Another creation of Yan's. How adorable.
In the event, Yan taught us some handy tips on making bento and not to mention, she actually did a great job at motivating us mommies who just can't seem to get it moving in the bento department. I had loads of fun preparing my own bento box at the workshop too, eventhough it turned out so funny looking and embarassingly creepy. Hahah.

What I made. Seriously I don't even know what this is -___-"

Besides Yan, Nestle's Senior Nutritionist, Iliani Ahmad also shared with us a lot of nutritional and eating tips that I find very useful especially when it comes to the children and their eating habits. One of it is to BE CONSISTENT when trying to get the kids to eat fruits and veges, which means that I should not give up when they refuse them the first few times.

Creation by other parents. They were quite nailing it already!
So in case you too need some morale boosters or some tips on bento-making, here are some that I managed to recall from the workshop:

1) Prepare the ingredients as early as you can (e.g the night before or the weekend) and store it properly in a clean container

2) Get the children involved when planning the menu for bento - ask them what they want in their bentos to get an idea on what food they like and dislike

3) Get the right bento box for the kind of food (e.g a small container for condiments, a divided sections for rice and protein)

4) Make use of kitchen tools when designing the decoration : toothpicks, cookie cutters, etc.

5) Ask the children to not throw away what they do not like in the bento and bring it home instead. This way you'll know what they do not like or refuse to eat so you can form a strategy on how to finally get them to eat it! (this is brilliant haha)

Bella also tried making her own decoration :)

Thank you very much MILO for this fun and informative event! I promise I'll keep on trying to prepare healthy and yummy bentos for my kids. Teheeehe..

Monday, December 26, 2016

Heal your child's scar with Hiruscar Kids (mommy approved!)

I have a son and now I know how it really feels to have a child who loves to run, climb, fall, bang, pull, scratch (!) and even wrestle.

Not that I am complaining, but boy he is more challenging than his sister, especially at this age of 2 where there is literally no negotiation or reasoning possible (he'll just ignore me, really) and continue with his business.

Last month, I was invited to My Hero-Scar campaign launch by Hiruscar, a scar-healing and care brand that helps to reduce the visibility of scar on our skins.

During the event, I was delighted to be hearing from Dr Priyadarshini Srinivasan, a psychologist and lecturer at the Department of Psychologist, Sunway University. Dr Priya gave a talk about the importance of PLAY as a significant tool for parenting.

Now wait a minute, all those banging, falling, climbing is actually good, according to Dr Priya. Because, the kid is actually learning A LOT.

I guess it is normal for us parents to turn a little overprotective over the kids, when the truth is sometimes we just need to let them loose and release their energy through play.

Outdoor play especially, benefits the kids tremendously as it helps with their emotional and physical development.

For example, play helps them boost their creativity and imagination and it also teaches them problem solving and collaborations.

Interestingly, playtime actually helps older kids release stress and energy, thus helping their brains perform better academically. Theory is when the kids release energy, their minds will be more free and liberated from restrictions and pent-up energy that we always see during their meltdowns.

Hmm..makes sense.

The thing is, with play, comes the risk of bumps and bruises which many parents would want to avoid (naturally, I guess).

Don't ask me how much scar Khaleeli has on him. Not major ones thankfully, but little scrapes and bruises are quite a normal sight. And he really doesn't mind it. LOL.

Dr Priya suggested that what we can do as parents is just let relax a bit and let them loose and play as they want. As long as the surroundings and materials are safe and age appropriate, we really should give them some space to explore and learn from their valuable playtime.

I think that is pretty doable.

As for the bumps and bruises and the potential scar, Hiruscar has brilliantly came up with Hiruscar Kids, a kid-safe scar care product that we can use daily on the kid's scarring to help reduce its visibility.

I have used the adult version on my scar and after a few weeks of using it one of the scars are actually gone! Well, of course you gotta use it consistently and it works best on new scars ;)

What I love most about it is that it is not greasy and it smells like jasmines :)

Thank you Hiruscar for introducing your brand to our family and everyone here at Mommy Confessionals! :)

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Cooking up a Korean storm with K-Market @ 11Street.MY

A few weeks ago (and how aptly before my first trip to South Korea that deserves a post too), I was invited by the fabulous people at to attend their launching of K-Market on their site.

FYI, K-Market is a Korean grocery retailer located in Solaris Mont Kiara, and they do sell a wide array of fresh produce, dairy, food and beverages from South Korea! Now, they are selling their stuff online, which we can easily buy from


Because Korean food is my next favourite after Japanese, I immediately said yes to that!

I am a big fan of Korean food, especially those banchan (side dishes) and of course, kimchi! It is quite an acquired taste, but after I have acquired them, it has become my all time favourite (I do eat them as snacks too haha).

During the event, we had the opportunity to learn how to cook some Korean-Malaysian fusion dishes, as demonstrated by Chef Lin, a Malaysian chef who seems to know how to mix those ingredients around.

After that, we also had a Korean-pancake cooking competition, to which my team won! Yeay!

Now I know how to cook Korean pancake better. Yeay to that too!

Of all the dishes shared by Chef Lin, I personally love these two, which I am going to share the recipe, in case any of you would love to try it out

Check it out:

Nasi Goreng Kampung Kimchi

Banana Milk Sago

*replace flavoured milk with Banana Milk :)

Thank you very much K-Market and 11 Street for this amazing opportunity! I am honestly so very happy to improve my Korean cooking skills, which helps a lot when the craving comes :)

Do you guys love Korean food? If yes, what is your favourite?

Sunday, December 11, 2016

The mom brain.

The mom and the photocopied version of her
Yes, such brain does exist, people.

But it does not mean that you are a bad mom when you have the mom brain. You are just simply being a mom.

And I swear it gets worse the more kids you have.

Like a few wires in the brain snapped when you had your first, and then more snapped and get tangled when you had your subsequent ones.

These days I always find myself recalling things that used to be trivial to me.

Like seriously, I freaking forget people's name. I hate myself for this because I used to be so confident about my name-remembering skills back in my younger days. I would NEVER ask for a person's name back in the days, but these days I seem to have gained this lovely, "mak-mak" skill of asking "sorry dear, can you tell me your name again?".

And then comes all the requests from the teachers at Bella's school. Mommy needs to do this, mommy needs to find that. And I keep on freakin' forgetting to the extent that I feel so embarassed.

What is wrong with me?


Then again, maybe this mom brain is legit after all.

See, a mom had to endure this OUT-OF-THE-WORLD pain when giving birth and then a few months later she can simply say that she would love to have another baby.

I mean, who else does that right??

Yep, thank GOD for the mom brain.

If not, I think humankind may have ended a long time ago.

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

All you need to know about Tetra Pak!

Sponsored Post

Have you ever felt like you are not doing enough when it comes to giving the best-est, safest, nicest things to your children?

Yea? Don't worry, you are not alone.

I always feel it too.

When it comes to bringing up the children, I guess it is every parent's dream to be able to give their children the best and safest things. 

However, we've got to face it - we are not living in an ideal world. What is important is WE CONSTANTLY TRY OUR BEST.

I think that is why consumers (especially parents) nowadays are savvier when it comes to purchasing products for their children and family. 

Thanks to the internet, it is now more possible for us to make more informed decision when buying things for our consumption. And the best thing is all these good things are more available in the market as the demand grows, and it is easily being found compared to the older days. 

Personally, I always go for natural ingredients/raw materials, cruelty-free, sustainable and environmentally friendly - that means they are safe to use, and safe to be disposed too. 

Guess I am not alone here eh? 80%? Now that is a good sign. What's more with the recent government initiative that requires us to sort our domestic waste and teaching us to be more environmentally responsible.

Notice that green tree logo with "FSC" on the carton in the poster above? Yeah, I have seen it before, but honestly I am not very sure what it is all about. 

Well, what I know is that when it is green, it must be environmentally friendly but then, hey, let's not let ourselves drown in ignorance, shall we?

Which is why I am inviting you my lovely readers to join me enlighten ourselves about Tetra Pak and FSC by joining them in their event this weekend!

Date: Thursday to Sunday, 10-13 November 2016

Time: 10:00am – 10:00pm

Venue: Sunway Pyramid, Orange Concourse

I think this is an excellent and fun opportunity to educate ourselves about Tetra Pak and FSC, and how they responsibly manage the packaging of our favourite beverages right from the forest to the shelf, and back to the forest again.

I mean, I am sure we all have seen the Tetra Pak logo and FSC so now is the time to get to know more right?

Ahh, so this is what they are for..nicee..

So are you coming?

I think I would probably go too.

Oh, and did you know that you'll get a chance to win an IKEA voucher worth RM2000 at the event, and RM100 H&M shopping vouchers by participating in their weekly Facebook contest too?

Ha! A chance to be more environmentally savvy and responsible, and some shopping vouchers? I'd say yes to that! :)

So, I'll see you there OK?



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