Wednesday, November 09, 2016

All you need to know about Tetra Pak!

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Have you ever felt like you are not doing enough when it comes to giving the best-est, safest, nicest things to your children?

Yea? Don't worry, you are not alone.

I always feel it too.

When it comes to bringing up the children, I guess it is every parent's dream to be able to give their children the best and safest things. 

However, we've got to face it - we are not living in an ideal world. What is important is WE CONSTANTLY TRY OUR BEST.

I think that is why consumers (especially parents) nowadays are savvier when it comes to purchasing products for their children and family. 

Thanks to the internet, it is now more possible for us to make more informed decision when buying things for our consumption. And the best thing is all these good things are more available in the market as the demand grows, and it is easily being found compared to the older days. 

Personally, I always go for natural ingredients/raw materials, cruelty-free, sustainable and environmentally friendly - that means they are safe to use, and safe to be disposed too. 

Guess I am not alone here eh? 80%? Now that is a good sign. What's more with the recent government initiative that requires us to sort our domestic waste and teaching us to be more environmentally responsible.

Notice that green tree logo with "FSC" on the carton in the poster above? Yeah, I have seen it before, but honestly I am not very sure what it is all about. 

Well, what I know is that when it is green, it must be environmentally friendly but then, hey, let's not let ourselves drown in ignorance, shall we?

Which is why I am inviting you my lovely readers to join me enlighten ourselves about Tetra Pak and FSC by joining them in their event this weekend!

Date: Thursday to Sunday, 10-13 November 2016

Time: 10:00am – 10:00pm

Venue: Sunway Pyramid, Orange Concourse

I think this is an excellent and fun opportunity to educate ourselves about Tetra Pak and FSC, and how they responsibly manage the packaging of our favourite beverages right from the forest to the shelf, and back to the forest again.

I mean, I am sure we all have seen the Tetra Pak logo and FSC so now is the time to get to know more right?

Ahh, so this is what they are for..nicee..

So are you coming?

I think I would probably go too.

Oh, and did you know that you'll get a chance to win an IKEA voucher worth RM2000 at the event, and RM100 H&M shopping vouchers by participating in their weekly Facebook contest too?

Ha! A chance to be more environmentally savvy and responsible, and some shopping vouchers? I'd say yes to that! :)

So, I'll see you there OK?

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Celebrating Bella's 6th birthday

I could not believe that this is the final year of kindy for Bella.

To be honest, I am not ready to part with the kindy schedule and how I can be so carefree when it comes to her not doing her homework and skipping school (come on, it's just kindy right? She is just a baby! Let her have some fun!)

Truth is, she is already freakin' 6 years old, and she is soo going to the big kids school next year.

So to celebrate her final year, I decided to throw her a nice birthday party at school a few weeks back (that was on 7th Oct 2016 actually), right on her birthday.

This year, I ordered a nice cake from my trusted baker friend at Flavox Patisserie and decided to just DIY the topping for Bella's chosen theme - Paw Patrol. Her cakes never failed me and so yummy. I even ordered from her during Bella's 3rd birthday party.

Instead of baking a cake, I cooked fried rice and fried some fries and nuggets for the whole school that day. By the way, all the stir-fry action really killed my triceps that day (it was already so sore from my new weightlifting workouts) so I ended up having darn sore triceps for almost a week! Gahhh sakit please.

Anyway, as usual here are some photos of her lovely birthday.

That smile on her face, her excitement - I'd kill for that anytime. It just made my day and even my triceps went numb for a while (OK fine, I was exaggerating. Teheheh)

Major love.

I have a collection of her posing with her cake on her birthday every year. I think should not start looking at them now because I would probably wake up with puffy eyes tomorrow.

Can't believe that she is so grown up now.


Sunday, September 25, 2016

Catch me when I fall

Sometimes, my 5 year old little girl can drive me crazy like a pre-teen.

I guess that is normal as she is already very in touch with her feelings and choose to express it very clearly, regardless of whether it is a good or bad feeling.

In a way I think it is a healthy sign that she is able to show her emotions well. With that I do hope that she does not keep sad or angry emotions tucked deep inside her heart and let it turn into resentments, especially towards her own parents.

Anyway last night I was a little frustrated with her being so bossy and "taknak mengalah" with her little brother. Sometimes I just let it go and try to bear with the squabble. But there are times when it just drives me up the wall.

So she did get some scolding from me, and as usual she will show her protest by behaving quite "loudly" - that style where she stomps her feet and make sounds with her movement and all.

When we were getting ready for bed, she was still showing her protest but she clearly also wanted my attention. I was calming down and ready to let everything go and cuddle with her and her brother and all.

I did not know exactly what she was trying to do but suddenly her jerky movements sent her towards the end of the bed and she ended hitting the wall with a thud. 

I turned around and saw her curled on the floor, with a confused face. I guess it was not that painful but she seems to be deciding what kind of face to put on. In that dimly lit room (only the night-lamp was on), I saw a mix of  I-am-gonna-cry, how-did-that-happened, and about-to-laugh face.

I was pretty sure that it did not hurt her that much, so I let out a little laugh and asked if she is OK. As expected she did not take it well. Perhaps I made the wrong move and she got even angrier. Oops haha.

She stood up and lied on the comforter on the floor while I still struggle to keep my laughter within me (I swear the whole situation was so funny coz we did not even know how she could end up banging the wall and all! Wish I could describe it with words hahah).

So I said to her "Laa Bella, becareful next time. How did you fall like that?"

She did not answer that question. But what she said next was the turning point and it just melted all my frustrations with her attitude away.

"Kalau Bella fall, mommy catch la Bella" ("If I fall, you should catch me mommy") she said with a solemn face.

Awwhhh...Now I really did not see that coming from her.

Guilt quickly crept on me and I quickly got down to her level and offered her a hug and reassured her.

"Ohh..mommy tak sempat nak catch Bella tadi. Kalau Bella jatuh mestila mommy always catch you" 
("I did not have time to catch you just now.  I'd definitely catch you whenever you fall dear")

Thankfully, she seems to be more content after that. Then we all read some book and we all went to bed happily ever after.


Gah, parenting is always tricky. Sometimes I don't even know if my responses and action are right or wrong. You will always have your child's best interest at heart, but at times it also requires you to be sort of the "bad guy". 

The kids are just babies now. I just wish that I'll survive their teenage years when it comes to that later.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Introducing Ethissa, our new blog partner!

Ok, I am going to take some time to just sit back and enjoy the view of my blog on my screen.

Dang,  I HAVE COME A LONG WAY with this blogging thing.

Can you believe that it has been 11 years since I started blogging? Phew, that is quite a long time if you ask me.  It used to be a lot about myself and out of pure passion for writing.

And then it grew into something beyond the screen. I started meeting lots of new people off-screen through blogging events, which opened up lots of new opportunities to expand my horizons and sometimes even push me out of my comfort zone.

I am amazed at how I am able to keep this blog alive even when sometimes the dry spell can take so long, but in the end I always come back and give it the love it deserves.

I am glad that many have start to appreciate my writings and it feels good to know that they are able to relate and sometimes benefit from the information that I share.

In this blogging endeavour, there is nothing more valuable to me than those who believe in me and giving me their trust and support to keep this blog alive - that's you my readers, followers and my esteemed partners and brands.

Ethissa is a growing Malaysian baby online shop run by Eric and Grace, a husband and wife team who aspires to provide the best, handpicked premium quality baby products for the deserving Malaysian parents.

It all began when they both struggled to find essential items for their kids when they were working, and most of the time their preferred products are hard to find and also cost them a lot of money and time.

Realising that it was in fact a common problem among parents these days, they then decided to run their own online baby shop with a focus on good quality products which are safe for baby and kids (I absolutely love their organic baby care range).

The name Ethissa was created by combining the names of the lovely bubs - Ethan and Clarissa. Isn't that lovely? :)

Ethissa aims to provide only the finest for Malaysian's little ones, and they are committed to be always on the look out for excellent baby products to carry in their store.

Take a look at some of their products in store (I swear they are so adorable and oh so chic!) :

Cheeky Chomper bibs
Four Cow Farm Organic skin products
Kippin comforters (I mean how cute are these???) 
Maun and Lil toys and plushies

Little Innoscents organic baby skincare products 

Here is the current promotion running at Ethissa!  Stay tuned to find out more about upcoming promotions and new product releases.You can keep yourself updated by subscribing to my email updates at the sidebar! :)

Follow Ethissa shop on Facebook :

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Trying to live better

I am just a normal human being, so every now and then I do get overwhelmed by what is happening in my life. That moment when you feel like you have so many things to do, but so little time to make use of. In the end you end up not doing anything productive anyway, and it just drives you crazier.

Ironically, we all have 24 hours, nothing more nothing less. Somehow, there are people out there who are able to deal with it successfully, and I have decided to try to follow their footsteps.

I have done a few things in the list above, and it has given me a very positive impact in my life.

Like very positive and it makes me feel good about myself.

I have tried no.1, no 3, no 12 (although still struggling), no 13 (although I do lose to cookies sometimes), no 16 (I swear this one really helps to clear the mind), no 17 (I think I have been liberated from fashion pressures), no 18 (same as no16) and I wish I could do no 20 a lot more often (the weather in Malaysia here is so unforgiving though.... ).

So how about you? Have you done any one of these before? How does it impacts your life for the better?



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